Proper dealer technology can save the holidays

The holidays are a magical time for distributors, but they can also be a tough time for sales partners and customers. Long lines, customers in a rush, and the stress of the season can increase the risk of mistakes and make service more difficult for staff and customers. However, the right technology can make these seasons much easier for everyone, and it can be more profitable for you.

Allow customers to shop online and pick up the order at the store

More and more stores are implementing the technology of buy online and collect in-store (also known in English with the term “click and collect”), and there is no doubt why. Customers can search, place an order and pay through a website or app and then stop by the physical store to pick up the order. This technology allows them to combine the convenience of online shopping with the instant gratification of shopping in a store, all while avoiding queues and shipping costs.

With all this in mind, there is no question why this technology is so popular. Almost 67% of customers have made a purchase using this method in the last six months, and nearly half of them have made additional purchases while going to the store. An incredible 90% of distributors plan to implement “click and collect” technologies in their stores before 2021; Would you be one of them?

Start using scan-and-go technology

This technology allows some distributors to avoid the counters and queues to make their purchases. With “scan-and-go” technology, customers can use their phones (via a dealer app) or specialty scanners to scan products as they shop. Once all products have been selected, customers can complete the purchase anywhere in the store and simply show a digital receipt to a staff member at the exit of the store. Distributors such as Amazon, Kroger, 7-Eleven, and Sam’s ClubThey are already testing this technology or already have it implemented in their stores. Customers are increasingly demanding convenience and the ability to pay through their mobile devices, so we expect to see more and more scan-and-go technology in more stores over the next few years.

Get on the mobile payments bandwagon

Although mobile payments have yet to overtake the popularity of credit, debit cards, and cash, future-ready retailers know that smartphones are the key to an integrated payments strategy. More than 1 billion people around the world are expected to make a mobile payment in 2020, and services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are rapidly gaining popularity.

By making your operations compatible with mobile payment, you will not only make your services more inclusive for customers who decide to forego cash, but you will also speed up queues at checkouts thanks to the ease and convenience of this contactless technology.

When you adopt your general strategy of accepting cashless payments, it is important that you understand the technologies that are currently available to you. Investing in a card reader that also accepts mobile payments will not only increase revenue opportunities with loyalty programs and advertising opportunities, but it will also make customer queues faster.

Automate cash at the checkout

The advances in technology point of sale (POS) are not only improving the world of e-commerce, but they are transforming the traditional experience to make a purchase. The cash automation terminals can streamline and facilitate the purchasing process for both customers and cashier employees. Acting as automated cash registers, these innovative machines manage customers’ cash, instantly count bills and coins, and return cash, all allowing staff to focus on delivering great customer service without having to worry about what happens. in the box. And because they always keep track of what’s inside, your team won’t have to close the till at the end of the shift, saving time, reducing errors, and increasing profitability.

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