Life insurance documents

To contract life insurance, the insurance company will ask you for a series of documents in order to do so, and will also give you the documents of your policy once the contracting process is finished. Therefore, so that you do not have any confusion, we are going to indicate in this article what documents you should have ready to present and what documents you should keep once you have contracted the insurance.

Documents to present to contract life insurance

To contract life insurance, the insurance company will require two documents to be able to issue the policy:

ID: you must provide a copy of your ID to be able to attach it to the insurance policy and thus also check that you are in the age range allowed by the company to take out life insurance.

Medical questionnaire: you will also have to fill out a questionnaire with questions regarding your health since it will depend on whether or not you are granted insurance, as well as the amount of your premium. It could also be the case that the company calls you on the phone to delve further into the answers you have given or that they request a medical review.

Life insurance documents

Once the life insurance has been contracted, the insurance company must provide you with all the documentation corresponding to the policy, specifying the coverage contracted and the conditions. If the death of the insured occurs and his family does not know where to find all the documentation regarding the policy, they must request a life insurance certificate.

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Remember that, if you take out insurance, you normally have six months to pay the premium and, if you don’t, the insurer will understand that the contract has expired and you will no longer have a life policy. This will always depend on the insurer, so if it is not satisfied, it could carry out liens as a result of non – payment of the life insurance premium.

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